Alumni Convos – Irene Klymenko

Current Role: Strategy and Operations Consultant, Deloitte Consulting 

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Marine and Freshwater Biology)/ Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Government)

Irene is currently working as a consultant for Deloitte, she has extensive experience in management consulting, government administration, business performance improvement, retail operations and customer service.

If you are interested in consulting as a career find out more about Irene’s Journey below

What does your current role involve? What are the most challenging and enjoyable parts of your role?

Being a consultant is about providing your clients with focus, with perspective and with an independent point of view. We think about how to solve complex problems and how to communicate solutions in simple ways. This involves talking to people who know more than you, using their knowledge to develop solutions, communicating these solutions, and getting everyone to agree. The most challenging aspect of this is the people, but they are also the most interesting part.

What skills or experience from Monash have have assisted you in navigating the challenges in this role?

In many ways my science background has shaped my worldview and approaches to everyday situations. Studying at university taught me how to enjoy learning, independently, continuously and on every topic. This has been the most important skill in advancing throughout my life and career. In order to grow we must learn, develop and evolve. Once you fall in love with learning new things and become flexible enough to adapt to any situation then there is nothing that can hold you back.

What highlights come to mind of your experience studying at Monash?

In my second year I went on a field trip to Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef for two weeks. I got to research island ecosystems, snorkel with sea turtles, make life-long friendships and every night see more stars than you can imagine. It was an idyllic place to observe and nurture a wonder for nature.

As someone working in consulting what advice would you have given yourself as a student?

Where your career starts is far less important than it seems right now. You don’t need to have your dream job first year out. Consider roles and companies that are a step removed, it may not be obvious at first but these will be filled with opportunities to broaden your perspective, gain valuable experience and learn.

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