Alumni Convos – James Selby-Pham

James Selby-Pham (right)

Current Role: R&D Team, Nurtifield 

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Advanced – Honours) 

Nutrifield is Australia’s leading manufacturer in hydroponics, urban farming and large scale production. Within the R&D team James explores plant responses to nutrient and biostimulant supply in terms of growth and yield, the results of which are used to guide the design and development of high efficiency fertilizers.

Get to know more about James and his journey through University below:

What motivated you to study at Monash?

I had excellent science teachers in high-school who were supportive and nurtured my interests in their subjects. Shirley Fung and James Angel motivated me to pursue genetics and mathematics, respectively.

What are your best memories of Monash?

My best memories at Monash University involved the really fun social and study times with the cohort of students I completed the Science Advanced with Honours course with. It was very motivating sharing the experience with an enthusiastic and driven group of students pursuing a broad range of studies.

What Skills or Experiences at Monash have helped you in your career?

I was lucky to have Alan Neale as a supervisor and mentor. He invested a lot of time and effort to develop my research skills and supported me through multiple research projects. He taught me to pursue through difficulties and that persistence leads to success.

What is your advice for students wishing to succeed in your industry?

There are many enthusiastic lab heads happy to share their passions with you. Take the time to explore the different topics that groups are working and don’t be shy to reach out and get involved. Try the research subjects –guided, hands-on learning from an expert in the field is invaluable.

Finally, what advice would you give to a fresh out of university job seeker?

Be confident in the knowledge and skills that you’ve developed. Problem solving skills and a good work ethic are extremely transferable, so don’t feel restricted to the exact topic that you focused on during your studies.

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