Alumni Convos – Mark Fittock

Name: Mark Fittock

Current role: Project Manager, OHB system Germany
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Honours/ Bachelor of Science (Astrophysics/Applied Maths)

Mark currently works at OHB on future space studies for science and exploration missions. His primary role is as a project lead for the Hera Mission which is planned to fly to an asteroid pair in 2023.

Read on to find out about Mark’s journey after university in the interview below:

What path did you take in your career after graduating from Monash?
After I graduated at Monash, I went on to do a double masters in space technology in Europe, suitably called the “Spacemasters”. I then started at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

What challenges did you have to overcome in pursuing your career path?
The distance from my friends and family in Australia was tough! Living and working in a country with a different language and different culture is both exciting and challenging.

How did studying Science at Monash help you in your career?
The practical experience! I didn’t realise how important this was going to be but the skills I learnt in the labs have been invaluable! Along with reasoning and deduction skills too!

If you were to offer advice to a job seeker fresh out of university, what advice would you give?
Make and use connections in order to explore different options. Find jobs that excite you and inspire you to aim for the stars. Take a chance! The only way to find out if a job is right for you is to give it a shot!

How do you see the future job market for astrophysicists? What is your advice for a Monash alum to succeed in this industry?
The skills learnt in astrophysics are valuable across many fields and roles. There is so much to learn across the world that looking abroad can be a great chance to find new opportunities and career paths.

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