Cancer Research Honours Program 2020 Project 1

Project 1: Does the Multidisciplinary Meeting improve quality and value of care for lung cancer patients?

The quality of care provided to patients is described by an array of outcomes including value in healthcare i.e., patient-centred outcomes achieved per healthcare dollar spent which can define quality and unify performance improvement goals with health outcomes of importance to patients across the entire cycle of care. These include, (1) health status achieved, (2) process of recovery, and (3) sustainability of health. The multidisciplinary care team in lung cancer is likely to beneficially impact measures of value for lung cancer patients and this needs to be established. A research project is proposed to evaluate the outcomes of patients treated for lung cancer at the Alfred Hospital and to assess value in those who have and have not been evaluated in the context of a multidisciplinary care team.

Please contact Margaret Brand to apply for this honours project.

Phone 03 (9903 0206) Email:

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