Interested In a Career in Science? Read On For All About Life In Research…

An Interview With Professor Kate Denton

Written by Carla Edgley

Pictured above: Dr Kate Denton in her Lab. 

So far, in my very short time as a Science Ambassador I’ve noticed a question that always pops up when speaking to future students; not many know the many career possibilities a Science degree can lead to. Realising this I decided to speak to someone who has had a prominent career in Science and could give future students an idea about a career in research, just one of the possibilities a Bachelor of Science at Monash can lead to.

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Welcome back to 2016!

Welcome Scapegoatians (yes, it’s not a word…until now)! The 2016 university semester has once again started up with a fantastic boom from Orientation and a less fantastic realisation that we have to wake up at normal times like normal people again – ugh.

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For both new and returning students, now is a perfect time to get (re)acquainted with all the programs and extra services available to students studying science. Take a look at all the academic help that is available to you here. It’s always a good idea to get into a good study habit early on!

You may also have come across our new design at and had also glimpsed a few printed tabloid-style newspapers…Exciting things are coming along, so keep your eyes peeled!


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