Food For Thought

Exam time is quickly approaching (for us too!). We know you may have heard it before, but trust us, believing and following it through, is another thing. Healthy eating is not only great for your body but also your mind.

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Interested In a Career in Science? Read On For All About Life In Research…

An Interview With Professor Kate Denton

Written by Carla Edgley

Pictured above: Dr Kate Denton in her Lab. 

So far, in my very short time as a Science Ambassador I’ve noticed a question that always pops up when speaking to future students; not many know the many career possibilities a Science degree can lead to. Realising this I decided to speak to someone who has had a prominent career in Science and could give future students an idea about a career in research, just one of the possibilities a Bachelor of Science at Monash can lead to.

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Welcome back to 2016!

Welcome Scapegoatians (yes, it’s not a word…until now)! The 2016 university semester has once again started up with a fantastic boom from Orientation and a less fantastic realisation that we have to wake up at normal times like normal people again – ugh.

We’d like to welcome all our new readers and subscribers, and hope you enjoy our content. If you haven’t already – subscribe to our weekly mail out in order to get the up-to-date notification of free food and exciting events happening at Monash. 

For both new and returning students, now is a perfect time to get (re)acquainted with all the programs and extra services available to students studying science. Take a look at all the academic help that is available to you here. It’s always a good idea to get into a good study habit early on!

You may also have come across our new design at and had also glimpsed a few printed tabloid-style newspapers…Exciting things are coming along, so keep your eyes peeled!


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