Queer 101

Do you want to gain a greater understanding of diverse genders and sexualities and feel empowered to make positive change in the community?
Queer 101 training for students covers the basics of the LGBTIQ acronym, the differences between sex, sexuality and gender identity and expresssion, and look at some of the key issues faced by the LGBTIQ community.
Find out more at monash.edu/lgbtiq
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Science cannot solve all our problems.

Author: Michelle (Yi-Xuan) Fu

Science cannot solve all our problems.


By studying science and by allocating billions of dollars into research, we hope to expand and organise our understanding of the universe, providing us testable explanations of past and current events and assisting in predicting and preparing for our future. But there is a huge difference between knowing something and acting on it.

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Uni & Chill

All first years! As part of Monash University’s student led Mental Health Champions program, they’re excited to bring to you… Uni & Chill! 

Broadly, they will be exploring procrastination, self-care, mindfulness and ways to get the most out of and adjust to university life.

The dates will be Monday 8, 15, 22, 29 August, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Register here.

Facebook event

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We need your honest opinion

To keep The Scapegoat going, we need your help!

We have been running our weekly newsletter and recently updated blog/website since 2014. Our publication is for Science students by Science students. We are looking for your honest opinions about The Scapegoat so we can improve and do our best to give you what you want, with the aim to be the one-stop-shop for all your needs as a Monash Science student.

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Food For Thought

Exam time is quickly approaching (for us too!). We know you may have heard it before, but trust us, believing and following it through, is another thing. Healthy eating is not only great for your body but also your mind.

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Vice-Chancellor’s Ancora Imparo Leadership Program

Calling all first year students!

Ancora Imparo is a leadership program open to all first years that aims to unlock the potential and enhance the ability of students to make an impact. In this leadership training, students will hear from inspiring leaders from various backgrounds and be provided with a range of opportunities.

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Future Science Leaders, we need to talk.

Australia is at a critical moment. We need to make some urgent decisions about the future of our nation.

How will our society look in the year 2050? How will technology change the way we interact? What will drive economic growth? What will the jobs of the future be like? How could we power the future? How can we care for an ageing population?

We are thrilled to launch Monash Future Thinkers: Australia in 2050, our inaugural event to be held on May 7th designed to foster the interdisciplinary conversation we need to have about our future.

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