Career Goat: Cover letters and Resumes

Hi All,

The semester break probably seems like a distant memory as you become more entrenched in your studies.

In this week’s edition of ‘Career Goat’ I would like to talk about ‘Cover Letters and Resumes’.

Cover Letters and Resumes

Whether you are at the start of your degree or nearing graduation it is never too late to start to put together a professional cover letter and resume. Despite our technical advances these documents are still an important part of the job search process.

These documents can be used to apply for:

  • SIPP (Science Industry Placement Program) positions
  • Volunteer positions
  • Graduate roles
  • Casual/part-time positions
  • Used as a tool in networking
  • Jobs at Monash
  • Other advertised positions

It is important that your cover letter and resume reflect your skills, qualifications and experience and outlines your fit for the job and why you want to work for that organisation.

These documents need to be updated on a regular basis and targeted to the position/s that you are applying for.

The Monash Career Connect website has extensive information on resumes and cover letters and I would strongly suggest that you use this site as a guide to develop your documentation.


Cover Letters

Remember if you would like support or to get your documentation checked then you can always book a career appointment with me (Lisa Happell) or drop into Career Connect.

Bookings with Lisa Happell (Select Science Students Only) (30 minutes)

Drop-ins Career Connect (10 minutes)



Career Goat

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