Science Student Quicklinks

Here are some important links that you will need throughout the course…continue reading

Our Exam Checklist

Feel prepared and ready to go the next day. Night before your…continue reading

Internship Information Sessions

Do you want to gain professional experience while earning credit towards your degree?

We’re hosting some information sessions about our internship unit, SCI3920. Come along to have your questions answered and find out how to apply for Semester 1.


12 things I tell myself when I don’t want to study #MotivationMonday

These are 12 things I tell myself when I feel a little demotivated and a little overwhelmed. These are my own things and they may not apply to you. I am sharing this in hope you can find some of it hopeful.

Stargazing Activities for the astronomers within us

Are you a budding astronomer? Or you’re curious and awed about the majesty of twinkling stars out in the wider multiverse?

Well, there’s a heap of stargazing activities for us to indulge in!

Science-y web comics

Ah it’s week 5 of semester: assignments, quizzes, mid-semester tests looming on the horizon. On one hand, we can strap down and get cracking. On the other hand, we can totally spend a few hours browsing our favourite sciencey, nerdy, geeky web-comics to lighten our spirits.

Yeah, I like that second option.