Come and Hear about Honours in Science

Get a chance to speak to current Honours coordinators and students on…continue reading

You are invited to Science Industry Week 2018

Employers from various industries will attend SIW to promote their graduate &…continue reading

Networking Workshops 2018

Learn how to network while chomping down food from the free BBQ!


WinterFest 2018

WinterFest 2018 is here! Enjoy a multitude of food, fun and social…continue reading

Student Life Management – Time

Time management is the essence of Life Management. It allows for the utilisation of time for the maximum productivity and the successful completion of tasks and goals.

Sleepy hygiene #MotivationMonday

Restless nights, followed by tiring mornings and always feeling like you can never catch enough sleep?

Like how we have habits to keep our teeth clean and our studies done, we have habits that affect our sleep.