Casual Conversations with Monash Scientists



Jane B CC InterviewPrudence

Hi, Fellow Science Peers!

We, James and Anisha, as your Student Administrators of the Science Student Learning Lounge have collaborated with various academics, PhD and Honours students here at Monash to find out what¬†brought them into their specific fields in Science. The idea of ‘Casual Conversations’ came to be in hopes of creating a closer relationship between us students, and our lecturers, by hearing their story and loves in life.

Scientists across the Schools of Sciences have kindly participated in this project, with the end result of content ranging from the secrets to being a successful student and scientist to quirky facts about themselves.

We hope you enjoy these short snippets and gain a better understanding of what it means to pursue a career in Science!

Happy Days,

James & Anisha

Robin A CC Interview

Anindita R CC Interview





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