Welcome to Student Life Management


Week 1

Welcome to Student Life Management

Aidan Matthews 5. April 2018   @aidanjrmatthews

Life as a Student is incredible, challenging, enriching, stressful and so much more. Each year of your studies bringing an increase in pressure and challenge, the constant development of skills, methods and ideas allows for the continual development and achievement of goals. This series of articles produced in conjunction with the Scapegoat Science Newsletter aim to provide you with tools to develop skills in Student Life Management. With the ever-present threat of mid-semester exams, essays, reports, group presentations and quizzes, this series will offer quick snapshots to challenge your ideas, habits, and methods with the objective of developing your Student Life Management.

What is Student Life Management?
Life management is the conscious organisation of student time, tasks, self and money allowing for the setting and achievement of goals through entrepreneurial and personal skills.

Why should you care?
You are your own person and it is your choice to care, but by following along with this series there is the possibility to learn something new and to develop the ways you may undertake tasks to allow you to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own – Bruce Lee

What is coming in the future?
The following articles in this series will be released weekly. Each will discuss a different aspect of Student Life Management by bringing to light techniques, opinions and theories. This discussion will allow you the opportunity to implement these in your life to develop your hustle, efficiency and hopefully help you reach your goals quicker and easier.

Want your say?
If you are reading through these articles week to week, or find them and decide to binge them all, if at any point you want your say please email me aidan.matthews@monash.edu, I would love to hear from you, to hear your opinions, thoughts and challenges.

So, What now?

Next week we will be beginning our first of five aspects of Student Life Management talking about every physicist’s favourite non-quantised linear continuum, time.

3 Idea takeaways:

  1. Life management can allow for the streamlining and advancement of personal endeavours.
  2. The decision is yours, you are responsible and that only makes the achievements better when you accomplish them.
  3. The following series will aim to challenge your ideas, challenge your methods, challenge your habits, but the challenge and development will not end at the end of this series, it will continue through life.
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Science Student Quicklinks


Here are some important links that you will need throughout the course of your journey as a Science Undergrad.

Monash Science Undergraduate Degree Resources:

Networking & News:

  • Monash Science LinkedIn can connect you with Alumni, Academics, other Staff and Students. You will need to create a LinkedIn profile to view all of these connections.
  • Monash Science Facebook page keeps you up to date with current Monash Science related News, Events, Study & Job opportunities.
  • Monash SSLL Vollie Facebook page hosts study groups for students across the year levels.

Job & Internship Opportunities:

  • List of Science career options based on the School of Sciences.
  • Career Gateway – Monash student portal that allows you to search for volunteering positions, part-time, casual & full-time jobs in any area (from being an umpire for children’s sports to being a maths tutor).
  • Professional bodies in your areas of interest also run events, so check out Career Connect for the possible events they host. Career Connect also will check your application; all you have to do is register on Career Gateway for one of their many workshops or 1-on-1 sessions.

Graduate Opportunities:


Current events and updates are made on our Careers tab, start your journey to success now!

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EMBL Australia 2018 Short Term Travel Grants

Apply now for travel in 2018.

Train at one of EMBL’s five European facilities, go to a conference or take a short course.

EMBL Australia is passionate about supporting young scientists through their training and into a research career.

We are sponsoring ten of the best PhD students in Australia to train at the prestigious European Molecular Biology Laboratory. Apply for a travel grant of up to $2,000 here.

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Job Opportunity with English Connect Monash


English Connect provides excellence in English in a cultural context, inclusive practices and student experience. It enhances Monash-wide student engagement by providing lively classroom environments, peer learning and flexible real-world situations to enrich students’ assuredness in Australia. All of their programs are peer to peer, and are delivered by current students at the university.

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Are you going to be in 2nd year in 2018? Apply for the Science Future Leaders Program

Written by Aidan Matthews and Tracey Byron

Science discovery, Industry engagement, and Leadership Development. Monash University’s Science Future Leader’s Program offers all that and so much more.

The Science Future Leaders Program is a leadership and skills based training program that allows 2nd year Science students to develop fresh new skills.

A constantly growing initiative, each year the program welcomes a new cohort of 2nd Year Science Students who will spend the year learning, working and growing together. Moreover, the program allows for 2nd Year Science students from the various disciplines of science to form friendships, share knowledge about their fields, and develop professional teamwork skills.

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Science Industry Week 2017 is back!

Hi All

This year we will once again run our Science Industry Nights for each school.

This will be a fantastic and exciting event and an excellent opportunity to hear about career options with a science degree.

We have over 40 industry participating across the week

Attend Science Industry Week and:

  • Learn about a diverse range of careers in science
  • Hear from panel speakers, industry and Monash alumni about science jobs
  • Ask questions about working in industry Network with industry, panel speakers, Monash students, staff and alumni Enjoy
    free food and drinks

For further information and bookings for this evening event, please click on the link below.


I look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards

Lisa Happell (Careers, Leadership and Volunteering)

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Teach For Australia

Want to change the world with your Science degree?

Students aren’t getting involved in science. Only half of Year 12 students now study science, compared to nine out of 10 in the 1990s. You could change this.

Teach For Australia offers an award-winning two year Leadership Development Program, a Master of Teaching on scholarship, and full salary and benefits as you work as a teacher in a disadvantaged school. Every day you’ll get to share your love of science and empower the next generation of problem solvers.

TFA’s Leadership Development Program turns grad program on its head. You’ll get the responsibility, stakeholder manager and possibility to create change right from Day One. As TFA alum, you’ll have the skills and experience to set yourself apart when you re-enter the job market.

Applications close on the 20th of August.

To apply or to find out more about Australia’s Best Graduate Development Program and the only not-for-profit organisation in the 2016 Top 40 Graduate Employers in Australia, go to bit.ly/TFA2017.

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