Integral Parody Song by George Sariklis

“I came across this article in my readings, and thought it sounded an awful lot like the title of the Bangles song, ‘Walk like an Egyptian’. Seeing the opportunity for a good parody, I wrote a verse to the tune of ,’Walk like an Egyptian'”
~ George Sarikilis
All statistical physicists, they have to use Stirling’s old technique,
If it doesn’t work (O-A-O), their future is definitely bleak
Differential systems will show how these particles accelerate,
If they can’t be solved (O-A-O), they’ll have to go and approximate,
Articles about integrals say (A-O-A-O-A-O-A-OOOOOOOOOO),


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Top 3 Tips To Thrive During The Semester


1. Get to know the lecturers, tutors and library staff

The BEST way to enjoy your units is to interact with your lecturers and tutors. Go up to them after a lecture and introduce yourself. If they are busy, send them a quick email organizing a quick catch up. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you discover about your educators.

If there are any questions you have content-wise, utilize the Moodle Forum page for your unit and post your queries there. Other students can comment and answer, if they don’t your lecturers will.

Utilize the librarians! They have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sourcing information for your assignments and improving your academic and communication skills. The Hargrave Andrew Library (HAL) have 10-15 minute drop-in sessions that run during the weekdays as follows:

  • Librarian
    • Monday to Friday 11am to 3pm
    • Tuesday and Thursday 4pm to 7pm
  • Learning Skills Adviser
    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12 to 2pm
    • Tuesday and Thursday 4pm to 7pm

2. Where to find Yummy Coffee and Food

Most of you would be well accustomed to your usual routes and spaces around the campus based on your timetables. If you’d like a change in scenery and tastes, check out our various eateries available on our Clayton Campus here! Surviving the long hours of study makes it easier with a yummy snack and a drink of choice.

Some personal off-campus affordable favorites of mine include Ping’s Dumpling Kitchen, The Proud Peacock (in the process of being reopened due to a fire) and Chatime!

3. Where to Study

Depending on how you study and if you are studying with a group, HAL, the Science Student Learning Lounge and Matherson have rooms you can book. If you are registered with the Disability Support Services, our libraries contain assistive equipment.

  • Everest Braille embosser and Duxbury Braille translation software at the Matheson Library
  • Kurzweil book readers at Law Library
  • Book magnifiers (CCTVs) at Caulfield, Matheson and Peninsula libraries
  • Lightweight book trolleys at Caulfield, Matheson, and Peninsula libraries.

Rest rooms are also available at HAL, Matherson & the Law library.

Other cool spaces to study in include the Green Chemical Futures, tables on the ground floor of the Maths & EAE Sciences building, TAPAS, PACE.


P.s Socializing and wearing comfy clothes also play a great part in your success at university! Find the courage to say hi to the person next to you, I know I have made some of my best friends here 🙂 

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KPMG China & HK Graduate Program


KPMG is a global network of member firms with 189,000 people across a range of disciplines worldwide, including around 10,000 partners and staff across 16 cities in China. They provide audit, tax and advisory services to many of the world’s foremost companies. Their client focus, commitment to excellence, global mindset and unparalleled delivery build long standing partnerships based on trust and integrity, which are at the core of their business and international reputation.

KPMG’s graduate recruitment season has just begun and they are targeting STEM students who are planning on returning to China or HK, this year in order to achieve a balanced and diverse workforce.

Hop onto:

for more information!


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EMBL Australia 2018 Short Term Travel Grants

Apply now for travel in 2018.

Train at one of EMBL’s five European facilities, go to a conference or take a short course.

EMBL Australia is passionate about supporting young scientists through their training and into a research career.

We are sponsoring ten of the best PhD students in Australia to train at the prestigious European Molecular Biology Laboratory. Apply for a travel grant of up to $2,000 here.

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Job Opportunity with English Connect Monash


English Connect provides excellence in English in a cultural context, inclusive practices and student experience. It enhances Monash-wide student engagement by providing lively classroom environments, peer learning and flexible real-world situations to enrich students’ assuredness in Australia. All of their programs are peer to peer, and are delivered by current students at the university.

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