Are you going to be in 2nd year in 2018? Apply for the Science Future Leaders Program

Written by Aidan Matthews and Tracey Byron

Science discovery, Industry engagement, and Leadership Development. Monash University’s Science Future Leader’s Program offers all that and so much more.

The Science Future Leaders Program is a leadership and skills based training program that allows 2nd year Science students to develop fresh new skills.

A constantly growing initiative, each year the program welcomes a new cohort of 2nd Year Science Students who will spend the year learning, working and growing together. Moreover, the program allows for 2nd Year Science students from the various disciplines of science to form friendships, share knowledge about their fields, and develop professional teamwork skills.

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Scapegoat Survey Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Scapegoat Survey prize draw!

The prizes available were:

  • Edible Chemistry Kit by Copernicus Toys, worth RRP USD$18.00
  • Periodic Lunch Bag by ThinkGeek, worth RRP USD$14.99
  • The Original Horse Head Mask by Archie McPhee, worth RRP USD$24.95

Our randomly selected winners are: Michele Koh, Yida Zhou, and Solange Camilleri respectively.


Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Number 3 unraveled at last!

Did you know that any integer with digits that add up to a number divisible by 3 is itself divisible by 3.

Give it a try, type any mess of numbers and tack on the last number to make the digits sum to a number divisible by 3.

For example:


4+2+1+8+9+0+1+2 = 27 (divisible by 3).

42189012 / 3 = 14 063 004 An integer!

How does this work?

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