Career Goat: Employability Skills

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Many of you are probably snowed under with managing competing deadlines for assignments.

So I will keep this article brief so that you are not too distracted.

In this week’s edition of ‘Career Goat’ I would like to talk about ‘Employability Skills’.


What are the key ‘Employability Skills’?

According to Graduate Careers Australia’s survey, employers look for:

  • Communication skills (48.6%)
  • Academic results (24.3%)
  • Teamwork (22.4%)
  • Aptitude (21.5%)
  • Interpersonal skills (20.6%)
  • Leadership skills (19.6%)
  • Work experience (19.6%)
  • Cultural fit (18.7%)
  • Motivational fit (17.8%)
  • Adaptable (14%)
  • Relevant qualifications (14%)
  • Willingness to learn (12.1%)
  • Problem solving skills (11.2%)

Employability skills can be developed through a wide range of mediums including; work (paid or voluntary), studies and extra-curricular activities. It is never too late or too early to start to develop your employability skills.

It is important that you are able to clearly articulate the employability skills you have developed to future employers in your job applications including (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIN, interviews etc..)

Students may find it difficult to articulate employability skills to employers however there are plenty of tools and resources to help you.


Student Futures

Early this year Monash launched Student Futures a new online tool designed to help you prepare for your future career.

You can use Student Futures to:

  • Find opportunities to develop the skills employers need
  • Track and reflect on your progress
  • Prepare for job applications and interviews

Student Futures includes nine key employability skills categories that reflect some of the skills above and resonate with employers. This online tool is a great resource to help you develop and articulate your employability skills to potential employers.

For example if you are wanting to develop skills in ‘Creativity and Innovation’ you can look at the Skills section of ‘Student Futures’ and find:

  • A video from employers about these skills and the importance in the workplace.
  • Ways in which you might demonstrate ‘Creativity and Innovation’.
  • Find opportunities that may give you exposure to ‘Creativity and Innovation’.

So sign up for Student Futures today and start developing those skills.


Career Connect

A range of resources and workshops to help you develop and identify your employability skills.


Careers Education Consultant (Science)

Don’t forget I can help you to articulate you employability skills in documents or understand how to develop these skills or use ‘Student Futures’. Book via Career Gateway.


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