It’s National Science Week & Monash’s Science Industry Week

This week we’re starting off with National Science Week and Monash’s own Science Industry Week.

National Science Week, this year held from 13-21 August, is Australia’s week to celebrate science and technology  – and to acknowledge the contribution of Aussie scientists to the world.

There are heaps of events around the country to celebrate – check out the event list on the official National Science Week website here. What will you do to celebrate?

Why not take the five scientist pledge with Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel (previously Chancellor of Monash University) to know the names of at least five living Australian scientists during this week? As science students, we’re probably already know more than 5 given the fantastic breadth of knowledge and scientists that we have. But how about learning more than just Monash scientists?

Take Dr Alan Finkel’s five scientist pledge for National Science Week 2016.


Monash’s own way of celebrating National Science Week, coincidentally, is its Science Industry Week.  In previous years it was a full week of events – one for each of the five schools that we have at the Faculty of Science. This year, however, we’re doing things slightly different. It’s three days but now it includes a bigger list of panel speakers AND a networking expo – which means more exposure to many more companies.

Check it out & network.



Check out also Monash’s STEM Talks on Tuesday 16 August – where you get to hear experts talk about their cutting edge research.


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