IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY for new 2017 subscribers!

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The Scapegoat is a student-run publication to help new and current students make the most of science at Monash by delivering relevant and reliable information about the latest events and opportunities on campus as well as fun science stories and all manner of student submitted content. We take the form of a weekly e-newsletter as well as keep a blog.

We’re having a iPad Mini 2 Giveaway for our new subscribers (those who subscribed from 1 January 2017). Let your science friends know!

To enter

Step 1. Subscribe to our e-newsletter here.

Step 2. Fill out google form at www.goo.gl/DsO97V. Make sure you read the rules and disclaimer! (P.S. If you’re having trouble accessing the link, try opening in a private browser/incognito mode.)

Complete these 2 steps before Monday 27 March 2017 9:00 am, to enter the giveaway.


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