‘Beans means Heinz’ & Genetics – A Science Graduate’s Work Experience

What have beans and genetics got to do with each other?

Hello fellow science enthusiasts!

I hope everyone is enjoying their time at Monash and reading Scapegoat weekly. It feels weird to think that this time last year I was doing my own research into graduate programs and here I am two months into one.

Two years ago, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Genetics and Molecular Biology and now I work at KraftHeinz in the Marketing department. Although they seem far apart I am currently using the skills I developed during my degree in my current position as a Category Development Graduate. My job is to analyse how consumers shop and then use this data to reach conclusions about how our products are performing in the marketplace and to find areas where we can improve our existing range.

I first found out about the KraftHeinz program when I attended the 2015 Monash Careers Expo in March. This was a great place to ask questions of prospective employers and to see what the right fit was for me.

It was a long and complex application process as this particular program doesn’t pigeonhole applicants based on what they studied, instead they made a great effort into getting to know you individually. My biggest tip would to take full advantage of Lisa and the careers department, making sure you are prepared for each step. Do your research on the organisation to make sure it’s right for you and tailor each application.

Good luck everyone with their future plans and make sure you keep an open mind!

Careers Service

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You can find out more about the KraftHeinz program at https://www.gradzmeanzheinz.com.au/

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