Let’s Torque Grand Final!

The Let’s Torque team cordially invites you to the Grand Final

Thursday, 5th October 2017, 6pm-9pm
The Royal Society of Victoria
8 La Trobe St, Melbourne

Dress Code: Business casual

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We live in a world of “fake news” with a war on science. Truth in this world is becoming harder and harder to find, with science making logic and reason sound about as exciting as watching paint dry. Scientists can be the solution to this, but they are also part of the problem. Students enthusiastically begin their university science studies, but often merely finish with a Masters in boring an audience. Which gets us absolutely nowhere in getting the public behind the fantastic potential of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

However, there is hope – On the 5th of October 2017 at the Royal Society of Victoria, 8 of the most talented undergraduate student speakers from across Victoria will showcase the future of STEM for Australia. These 8 students will be competing to win the Let’s Torque STEM public speaking competition.

Let’s Torque is a brand new public speaking competition, aiming to turn the tide in the war on science by transforming boring scientists into world-class communicators. This year undergraduate students from across Victoria applied for a chance to share their exciting and innovative presentations, with topics ranging from “Diagnosing cancer with artificial neural networks ” to “Human Energy Harvesting”.

What’s so impressive about Let’s Torque is that it’s run by undergrads. Monash University students Josh Zail and Isobel Campbell knew there was no point teaching the old STEM “dogs” new tricks, and with the successful “How to Talk Science” workshop under their belt in 2016, they knew that they had an opportunity to shape the next generation of STEM ambassadors.

“There are so many exciting scientific ideas and solutions out there, but so few people hear about them. We thought Let’s Torque would be a great way to simultaneously spread the word, and upskill undergraduate students.” Isobel Campbell

Already Let’s Torque has attracted sponsorship from Monash University and Square Peg Capital, and established partnerships with The Royal Society of Victoria, CSIRO, Twisted Science, Scientell and Nous Group, who all recognise the value of this innovative and exciting competition.

The Grand Final will feature a keynote address by Elizabeth Finkel AM, editor-in-chief of COSMOS magazine and award winning journalist and science communicator.

So bring the family, fellow scientists and friends along to the Royal Society of Victoria discover the future of STEM and science communication, network with industry players, and enjoy some drinks and delicious canapés.

Talking about STEM should be fun, exciting, and not just for the experts. Come along to the Grand Final and join the conversation that will shape Australia’s future.

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