Mental Health Awareness

Manoeuvring through the dense fog,

Its perpetual nothingness eats away at the fabric of existence.

Devoid, drained, derailed, life loses meaning.

Is all lost?

Glowing hands reach forth,

Pulling the consciousness free from the thorny tainted tangled thoughts.

Relieved, relaxed, refilled, the healing process unfolds.

I learn to deal.



Mental health disorders manifest in many ways. Though we can preach to the masses, each unique individual requires specific attention based on their circumstances. The road to finding your inner peace doesn’t have to be traversed alone.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of resources that one could turn to when in need of support.

Internal Resources (Monash):

  1. Counsellors 
  2. Online training Moodle module – ‘Changing Minds’
  3. Group support for students – Peer to peer sessions
  4. Safe Talk: Suicide prevention training
  5. Mental Health First Aid training


Additional External Resources:

  1. Beyond Blue 
  2. Lifeline
  3. Other Mental Health Organisations



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