Where do Monash Science students get their news?

We recently asked our Scapegoat-reading friends where they get their science news from. From the 33 respondents of the Scapegoat Semester 2, 2016 survey show a huger variety of science news resources including:

ABC news; ABC Science

BBC future

Cosmos (not Cosmo!)

CSIRO blog

Documentaries – Prof Brian Cox; David Attenborough

Facebook groups


Google news

Green Peace

Harvard Gazette

Hudson Institute of Medical Research


Internet forums: like reddit

Monash News

Monash Uni Science Facebook

National Geographic


New Scientist

Normal TV

Peer review articles


Science Alert

Scientific American


The Conversation

The Geology Page

The Naked Scientists (risky Google search of the day! But don’t worry, it’s legit)

The Scapegoat (that’s us!)


Youtube channels: Smarter Every Day; Kurzgesagt; SciShow; CrashCourse


What are some of your favourites?

Don’t forget to check out the magazines that we get regularly in the SSLL: for example New Scientist (weekly); National Geographic (monthly); Cosmos (monthly). Take a browse through them at the staff desk in the SSLL! (Older editions from this year are in the bookshelf.)



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