Stargazing Activities for the astronomers within us

Are you a budding astronomer? Or you’re curious and awed about the majesty of twinkling stars out in the wider multiverse?

Well, there’s a heap of stargazing activities for us to indulge in!

Join ABC’s Stargazing Live with Brian Cox and Julia Zemiro online here, from Wednesday 5th to Friday 7th April.

Want to stargaze physically?

This Thursday, 6 April at 7-10pm, go to Federation Square to join in with Stargazing Live – with Dr Karl & Friends.


Alternatively, Mount Burnett Observatory has members nights every Friday at 8pm where members can come along and view the spectacular skies. They also have a few public viewing nights here or there, so check them out regularly!

Mount Burnett Observatory, volunteer run and based at Mount Burnett in the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne. Image: ABC

How about using your up-coming mid-semester break to trek out and find the best places around Victoria and Australia to stargaze?


Find the best pics in NASA’s image gallery

NASA’s image gallery has so many fantastic pictures for you to get lost in your space adventures…and also to marvel at the brilliant colours, textures and shapes of space.

The Splitting of the Dunes. Image: JPL-NASA
The Splitting of the Dunes. Image: JPL-NASA


How about some movies to whet the appetite for space?

In the last few years we saw some awesome, almost-realistic depictions of space. For example:

The Martian, 2015: Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is accidentally left behind on Mars and needs to survive until rescue comes. Read our movie review here.

Gravity, 2013: Sandra Bullock and George Clooney plays astronauts stranded in space, after the mid-orbit destruction of their shuttle. IMDb here.

Interstellar2014: Humans are struggling to survive in a dystopian, sand-blasted future. A group of explorers, starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, travel through a wormhole to search for a new home for humanity. IMDb here.

Wall-E, 2008: Disney-Pixar’s Wall-e follows the adventures of a small waste-collecting robot. IMDb here.

Check out this awesome concept art from The Martian - originally shared via
Check out this awesome concept art from The Martian – originally shared via

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