First years: Join us in the Science Peer Mentoring Program!

Are you a first year Science student and wanting to:

✅ make new friends and other like-minded people in a social setting;

✅ learn tips and tricks from senior Science students: everything from how to survive first year, where the best coffee on campus is, to support for any other aspects of the Monash student life;

✅ enjoy fun, and free food for the first six weeks of Semester 1?

Then join the Science Peer Mentoring Program! This is the 6th year of the program and we’ve had hundreds of students join us for 6-weeks of fun in a supportive environment.

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Welcome back to 2017

Here’s to another new year with The Scapegoat!

Thank you to our readers and subscribers who have stuck with us throughout thick and thin in 2016, and the Scapegoat team here hope that we can put up more interesting and relevant content for your enjoyment.

With the new academic year starting in late February, we’ll be saying hello to our new Monash University Science students soon 🙂 With it comes an influx of excitement, amazing events and oftentimes free food on campus! Until then, though, the team will be recovering from the summer holiday honeymoon phases and we’ll slowly kick back into gear closer to Orientation 2017.

Keep a look out!

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