Orientation 2017


20/02/2017 - 24/02/2017    
All Day

Event Type

Orientation week (or affectionately known as “O-Week”) is the week where all our new students are introduced to the fun and excitement of Monash. There will be a wealth of events and activities for new students to orientate and get to know all the services available to them. And it’s not just for new students — the famous MSA Orientation Festival is a jam-packed 4 day event filled with all the different student clubs and societies (and other external companies) offering activities, free food and free giveaways to all and sundry.

For Monash Science students, O-week involves:

  • A welcome and orientation to the Faculty of Science – most students will attend on Monday 20th Feb; although other students will attend a different session (compulsory)
  • A Welcome to Monash, Clayton campus event on Tuesday 21st Feb (optional)
  • Lots of MSA Host Scheme camps and other social events such as attending the MUST O’Shows (optional)
  • Different support activities such as Library study help; Mature aged and part time student orientation and campus tours (optional)
  • Attending the Science Peer Mentoring Program Welcome event on Thursday 23rd Feb (optional)

Use the Monash Orientation Planner to plan out your exciting week!


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