Study tips from a serial procrastinator….

Here are some more tips to get you studying hardersmarter.

1. Use a strange (but still legible) font for your study notes.

You will have to put more effort into reading them therefore you are less likely to skim and more likely to retain what you’ve read.

2. Teach what you have studied.

You are 50% more likely to remember something that you’ve said as opposed to have read. Take advantage of this by teaching a friend or family member who is new to the topic. You will soon realise what you don’t understand and questions they have can test your knowledge.

3. Start your study session with your most hated unit.

Much like eating your veggies first, this allows you to get the hard stuff out-of-the-way, decreasing the likelihood of you avoiding it entirely. Don’t fill up on stuff you already know/enjoy learning save that for later.

4. Write down your questions.

Whilst listening to lectures every time you are unsure of something write it down. Come back to this list after the lecture has finished to see if everything has been answered. This allows you to keep track of holes in your knowledge without continuously pausing your recording.

5. Find any excuse you can to draw.

I find that I rarely remember a complicated process unless I draw it out step by step. To make sure I go over these diagrams I then stick them on the outside of my shower or the back of the toilet door.

6. Exercise, exercise, exercise!

It’s so tempting to spend your study break on Netflix but if you just take a short walk and get some fresh air it’s surprising how refreshed you feel (it’s both a physical and mental break). This will also help you expend some energy making it easier to get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

7. Study with someone who won’t distract you.

Studying in groups can be very effective if done properly. Rather than studying with someone who can easily distract you find someone that motivates you instead.

8. Review moodle discussion forums.

If you are stuck on a topic chances are someone was also stuck on it and actually asked for help weeks back when it was being taught. If you are one of these people thank you for saving our bacon!!

9. Still don’t understand a key concept? Use Youtube!

Your lecturer may not have described a key concept in a way you personally understood so why not get someone else to give it a try? There are plenty of reputable Youtube channels that have short tutorials regarding everything from kreb’s cycle to the mysteries of black holes. Give CrashCourse and Handwritten Tutorials a try!

10. Review stuff you know before the exam.

Give yourself a confidence boost right before the exam by looking over notes you are sure of. This helps you get into a healthy frame of mind and prevents freak outs moments before you get tested.

Good luck!

This article was originally published on 20 October 2015.

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